About Our Nourishing Provisions • Dairy, Eggs, Soap & Herbs

Cow and Goat Dairy*

Our cows and goats graze full time on lush, diverse fields free of any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or artificial fertilizers and are supplemented with mineralized salt, natural Fertrell minerals, garlic, herbs, ginger, Thorvin organic Icelandic kelp and are free of any grains, antibiotics, chemical wormers, hormones or any other chemical products. They live a charmed life and are allowed to raise their own young, free range in a polyherd with both genders 365 days a year and keep their horns (see below link to articles explaining the different milk protein structure from animals with horns vs animals which have had their horns removed).


Chicken and Duck Eggs*

Our 100% pasture raised and beyond organic duck and chicken eggs are nutritionally dense and farm fresh. Our fowl hunt bugs and eat grasses and forbs in our lush fields full time and are supplemented with organic Thorvin Icelandic kelp and certified organic and non-GMO grains.

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Florida Raw Dairy

* Florida forbids the sale of unpasteurized dairy products for human consumption. Eggs are not graded and sorted by weight or quality and are not processed in a permitted facility. Our products are labeled as not for human consumption and sold as animal feed. We are legally required to label in this manner.  We currently hold a Florida Department of Agriculture Master Feed Distributor License #Z004176.